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West Brom Open Weekend 1 Report

Former winner Simon Coupe led the qualifiers at last weekend’s West Brom Open as he came through a tough half comfortably to reach finals day. He won single figures against Steve Bodley, Staffordshire Merit winner Scott Simpson and then All England Champion Darren Plenderleith 7 in the qualifier. Paul Evans, who also qualified in the St Georges Open, made it a good start to the season by getting through again, defeating Dave Watters in the qualifier 12. Sam Millward is another double qualifier as he followed up his morning exploits at St Georges by remaining undefeated in the afternoon after getting past Connor Chamberlain, Jamie Wyer and Callum Mailer 17 in the qualifier. Matt Bower was his fellow qualifier in the Sunday Afternoon session, defeating another Mailer, Andy, in his qualifier 11. Sunday morning saw Nathan Dawes and Paul Stretton qualify, against the two Lynch brothers, Mick 11 and Ben 19, respectively. Cumbria’s Matty Stewart made it a trip to remember by defeating Ryan Prosser 12 in the qualifer, while Elliott McGuinness defeated Steve Dicken 10 to get through.

Full results are here, along with the finals day draw.

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