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BCGBA World Club Championship Session 1 Results

2015 winners Thongsbridge and 2016 winners Parkfield Labour both got through today at the BCGBA World Club Championships.

1st round results:

No.1 Green Parkfield Labour Club (N Lancs & Fylde) 147-106 Crosland Moor (Yorkshire) Greville Arms (Warwick & Worcester) 143-138 Meersbrook (South Yorkshire)

No.2 Green Hollinhurst (Greater Manchester) 121-152 Thongsbridge (Yorkshire) Dudley Dell (Staffordshire) 154-123 Cunliffe (Wales)

2nd round results:

No.1 Green Thongsbridge 160-109 Dudley Dell

No.2 Green Parkfield Labour 163-121 Greville Arms

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