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Midland Alliance Report

Warwick and Worcester won another Midland Alliance after beating Derbyshire in the final by 27 overall with 6 out of the 8 winners. Even on the green they didn’t play on in the groups, they still won on with three winners, Glen Herbert the best of them 8. On Green no.2, which they won the group on, they also had a best card of 21-8, Rob Carter. Derbyshire had one winner on each green, Nathan Broom 20 on green no.1 and Craig Shore 14 on no.2.

In the group stages and Warwick and Worcester beat South Yorkshire B first game by 24, Rob Carter again the best winner 8, with Mark Richardson the best for the home side. They had a closer game against North Midlands but came out victorious by 12, Ash Bracken the best of their 5 winners 14, while George Chapman responded for the opposition 15. In the final game and they were helped by a walkover in a 28 chalk victory, with Rob Carter again starring 11, while Ian Wassell’s 7 win for the Potteries & District team was in vain. In the other group game and South Yorkshire B won their other two games, defeating Potteries & District by 18 with Mark Richardson their best winner again 8, and Ian Simpson the best for the opposition 13. They then defeated North Midlands by 10, Michael Hague the best of their 5 wins, 14, and Max Jefferson replying with a 15 win. In the other game, North Midlands got a win by just 5 against the Potteries. George Chapman starred again with a 6 card, with three 15 wins in their four successes for the Potteries, Ian Wassell, Robert Carroll and George Podmore producing those.

In Group 1 and Derbyshire topped the group with three out of three wins. They started off by beating Staffordshire by 21, Lewis Belcher the best of their 5 winners 9, while Shelton Orpe replied 11 for the opposition. Then they beat Shropshire with 7 winners, with Andrew Smith the best of them 15, with only Sam Millward resisting winning 20 in a 26 shot win. In the last game and they had to fight back from being 21 down off three, with Andrew Jones winning 9 for South Yorkshire A. But they responded with 5 winners, Daniel Hartley and Lewis Belcher both winning 12 as the last two on to seal a 9 chalk success. Shropshire were poised to capitalise after they had won their other two games. They beat South Yorkshire A by 30 first game, Sam Millward their best winner 11 with Shaun Laycock having won 13 for the opposition. They then defeated Staffordshire by 28 in their last game, late call up and selector Mark Thomas the best of their 7 winners 9, while only Rob Perry won for Staffs, 15. Staffordshire had beaten South Yorkshire by 17 in the other game, Daniel Statham their best winning 10 and Martin Wilson 12 for the opposition.

Group Results:

Midland Alliance Group 1 Results

Midland Alliance Group 2 Results

Final Results:

Derbyshire v Warwick & Worcester
Nathan Broom 21 Ash Bracken 20
Daniel Golpin 20 James Seville 21
Andrew Smith 20 Chris Halford 21
Lewis Belcher 08 Glen Herbert 21
Total Derbyshire 69  Warwick & Worcester 83

Derbyshire v Warwick & Worcester
Craig Shore 21 Ash Hickman 14
Darrell Matkin 08 Robert Carter 21
Liam Stevens 19 Jordan Bradbury 21
Daniel Hartley 16 Louis Jones 21
Total Derbyshire 64 Warwick & Worcester  77

Overall Total Derbyshire 133 Warwick & Worcester 160

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