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Drakes Pride Junior County Match 1 Review

Premier Division

Last year’s finalists Yorkshire and Warwick and Worcester both won their opening games today, but it didn’t go all their own way at the start of their games. Derbyshire had two 21-3 winners by Sam Jerromes and George Hines in their first four at home, to lead by 43 there while in Yorkshire they had restricted them to just a 10 shot lead. But Yorkshire fought back with three winners away at Stretton, Owen Laurie the best of them 5, and another three winners at the back meant a deficit of just 13 in the end. At Marsh United and Yorkshire only had one more loser, Jack Shaw winning 18, to win by 89 and by 76 overall, the best card at home being Leah Keyworth 5. Warwick and Worcester also trailed early doors against Shropshire after Liam Dovey won 8 on their green to help them lead by 1, with an 8 shot lead at home too. But Matthew Parkes’ 4 win at Allscott Heath got them back in the game, despite Tom Killen winning there 8 for the home side. At King George V and Liam Lowery’s 7 win helped the home side lead going into the back four by 22 overall. Jack Newsome added another 7 win at King George V which meant an 8 win by Shropshire’s Charlie Hotchkiss was in vain and Warwick and Worcester won by 38. Despite three winners at home in the back four Shropshire could only win by 14, meaning a 24 shot win for last year’s runners-up.

Division 1


Staffordshire and South Yorkhire both started off their campaigns with big wins over North Midlands and Lancashire respectively, both having no losers away from home. Staffordshire won at home on Essington by 49 shots, with Jordyn Hughes their best winning 2 as they reeled off the first 7 winners. But Tom Lea won 4 and Liam Dennis 5 for North Midlands to limit the damage there. But Staffordshire won by 95 away at Foleshill Gas with all 10 winners, the best of them being Mia Benton. South Yorkshire followed Staffs by having 10 winners on Wigan Subscription Club, Luke Carrington their best winning 2 in a 120 shot win. At home on Hallamshire Propreitary and Bella Jeffrey was the best of their 8 winners there, with Matthew Greenwood best for the visitors 14.

Division 2

It was a tale of two away wins in the only game in Division 2 between Cheshire and Greater Manchester. Cheshire won by 77 on Harehill Park with 8 winners, Owen Cookson the best winning 1, with Jack Beer was best for the home side 10. Greater Manchester won by 34 on Crosstown with 7 winners, Jake Johnson the best of them 8. Cheshire’s Mark Bushell kept the damage down with his 8 win to help them win by 43 overall.

Full results are here.

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