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Bell Inn 2 Man Team 4th & 5th Qualifying Night

4th qualifying night at BELL HARBORNE 2 man team RESULTS:

Liam Lowery 21-18 Adam Kirby
Nathan Caines 15-21 Ash Bracken

Glen Herbert 21-15 Gavin Dunkley
Carl Fielding 17-10 James Seville


Carl Fielding 21-16 Adam Kirby
Glen herbert 17-19 Ash Bracken

Carl & Glen draw no,6 finals night

Green running lovely and some great games today. 2 young w&w junior players Nathan and Liam were unlucky to dip out first game.

Qualifying games very good – Carl came off winning 21-16 at 18-14 to Ash Bracken… winning 19-14 and a lead 4 inch behind the jack Glen puts 2 inside it for 19-16. Ash played a 8 inch bowl next end for Glen to lick it on the side, ash plays a runner and unfortunately halves his own bowl not managing to count. Great game.

5th Qualifying Night:

J Wyre 17 G Herbert 17
S homer 21 T Palmer 9

J Dicken / N Dicken bye

J Wyer 21 J Dicken 7
S Homer 13 N Dicken 18

Wyer/Homer draw number 4

Finals day so far:

2. Andy Saunders & Rob Carter
3. Josh Hale & Ross Dunkley
4. Jamie Wyer & Simon Homer
6. Carl fielding and Glen Herbert
7. Daniel Bowater & Paul Knight

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