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2019 Waterloo Dates

2019 Revised Dates… So to avoid the 2019 BCGBA All England we have changed the date of one Autumn Waterloo Qualifier from Saturday 27th July to Saturday 10th August, which means the Mixed Pairs 4th Qualifier has moved from 10th August to the following Saturday 17th August.. Also on the Calendar is the new Ladies One Day Spring Waterloo which will take place on Saturday May 11th 10am (More details will follow in the near future.)

13th April Ladies Pairs
16th April Spring Waterloo Q1
17th April Spring Waterloo Q2
19th April Spring Waterloo Q3
20th April Spring Waterloo Q4
23rd April Spring Waterloo Q5
24th April Spring Waterloo Q6
26th April Spring Waterloo Q7
27th April Spring Waterloo Q8
4th May Spring Waterloo FINAL
6th July Autumn Waterloo Q1
13th July Autumn Waterloo Q2
16th July Autumn Waterloo Q3
17th July Autumn Waterloo Q4
19th July Autumn Waterloo Q5
20th July Autumn Waterloo Q6
23rd July Autumn Waterloo Q7
24th July Autumn Waterloo Q8
26th July Autumn Waterloo Q9
30th July Autumn Waterloo Q10
31st July Autumn Waterloo Q11
2nd August Autumn Waterloo Q12
3rd August Autumn Waterloo Q13
7th August Autumn Waterloo Q14
9th August Autumn Waterloo Q15
10th August Autumn Waterloo Q16
21st Sept Autumn Waterloo Last 64
23rd Sept Autumn Waterloo Last 32
24th Sept Autumn Waterloo Last 16
25th Sept Autumn Waterloo FINAL DAY
11th May Ladies Spring Waterloo One Day *NEW*
31st May Ladies Waterloo Q1
7th June Ladies Waterloo Q2
29th June Ladies Waterloo Q3
7th July Ladies Waterloo Q4
11th August Ladies Waterloo Q5
22nd Sept Ladies Waterloo FINALS
25th Sept Ladies Waterloo THE FINAL
14th April Mixed Pairs Q1
25th May Mixed Pairs Q2
21st July Mixed Pairs Q3
17th August Mixed Pairs Q4
6th Oct Mixed Pairs FINAL DAY
12th May Mens Pairs ONE DAY
18th May Mens Over 50s One Day 32
16th August Mens Over 50s One Day 32
5th May Open Pairs ONE DAY
21st April Charlie Tattersall Q1
28th April Charlie Tattersall Q2
9th May Charlie Tattersall Q3
22nd June Charlie Tattersall Q4
14th July Charlie Tattersall Q5
29th July Charlie Tattersall Q6
4th August Charlie Tattersall Q7
5th August Charlie Tattersall Q8
27th Sept Charlie Tattersall Final day
25th August Junior Waterloo
24th August Junior World Cup

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