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Midland Masters 2018 Draw

Find below the draw for the Finals day of the 2018 Midland Masters, to be played on Sunday 16th September at Stretton BC at 10 a.m.

No 1 Green

Jon Price (Potteries)                  V             Tony Wall (Shropshire)

Leigh Burdett (N/Mids)             V             Dave Hayward (Staffordshire)

Stuart Smith (Derbyshire)         V            Anthony Lloyd (Potteries)

Mark Taylor (Shropshire)         V            Paul Evans (Staffordshire)

Mark Burdett (N/Mids)              V            Greg Smith (Staffordshire)

Nick Tideswell (Potteries)          V             Dan Taylor (Shropshire)

Tony Gill (Staffordshire)            V            David Ord (N/Mids)

Andy Smith (Derbyshire)           V            Paul Phillips (Potteries)

Jamie King (Shropshire)            V            Philip Clapham (Derbyshire)

Chris Ward (Staffordshire)       V            George Chapman (N/Mids)

Ian Atherton (Potteries)             V            Josh Bradburn (Shropshire)

Dan Petcher (Derbyshire)          V            Chris Gill (Staffordshire)

Adam Hartley (Derbyshire)       V            Kerry Morris (Potteries)

Clay Flattley (Shropshire)          V           Tyler Dewis (N/Mids)

Nathon Dawes (Staffordshire)    V           Andrew Jepson (Derbyshire)

Paul Lamb (N/Mids)                    V           Jon Palmer (Shropshire)

No 2 Green

Billy Walton (Derbyshire)           V            Martin Orme (Staffordshire)

Gary Owen (Potteries)                 V            Martin Golby (N/Mids)

Stuart Rutter (Shropshire)          V            Shane Day (N/Mids)

Danny Statham (Staffordshire)   V            Andy Booth (Potteries)

Andy Runham (Staffordshire)     V           Lewis Scott (Shropshire)

Daniel Edkins (N/Mids)                V           Connor Chamberlain (Derbyshire)

Neil Wright (Potteries)                 V            Nigel Iliff (Derbyshire)

Callum Wraight (Shropshire)      V            Ben Percival (N/Mids)

Gordon Hawkins (Staffordshire)  V           Andy Ferris (Potteries)

Dan Hartley (Derbyshire)              V           Jon Lyttle (Shropshire)

Noel Bates (N/Mids)                       V            Phil May (Derbyshire)

Mark Melvin (Potteries)                V            Jamie Webb (Staffordshire)

Sam Millward (Shropshire            V           Carl Wilkins (N/Mids)

James Southern (Derbyshire)       V            Peter Hulse (jnr) (Potteries)

Michael Edwards (Staffordshire)  V          Philip Lyttle (Shropshire)

Phil Welland (N/Mids)                   V           Joe Williamson (Potteries)


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