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Potteries Panel 2018 Details

The potteries panel is back bigger and better and gets underway on Thursday the 9th August. It will consist of 20 players who have been given nicknames and a little funny picture done and they are all putting up £100 of there own entry money to battle out to a winner over weeks of bowling. There is 2 groups of 10 players with everyone playing each other once with the top four of each group qualifying to the final group of 8 where all previous points will be scrapped and start from fresh. We are using the popular power ends format, so games will be 25 ends with power ends every five ends. Players will get 3 points for a win and if a game is drawn you will get 1 point.

POTTERIES PANEL group odds. The left hand odds are to win the group and the right hand side odds are to qualify from the group in the top four. Silly accas are not accepted but I can sort out prices on different things like who will finish bottom and in a specific place like 6th in the group. Trying me best to get a lot of interest this year. First group games start Thursday 9th aug at baddley green.
Maximum bet staked is £50 before odds revaluated anyone wanting a bet to contact Lee on 07859879538. Money will be have to be paid in and paid out over a 2 week process.

Group 1
1-2 Gary Owen 1-50
2-1 Craig podmore 1-33
5-1 Joe willy 1-2
7-1 Matt hill evens
8-1 Joe Melvin 6-4
10-1 Lee dale 2-1
16-1 Chris kearns 3-1
20-1 John black 5-1
33-1 Neil Wright 10-1
50-1 Martin Davies 25-1

Group 2
4-5 Josh Towey 1-50
7-4 Lee brown 1-10
3-1 Paul Dale 1-2
6-1 Mark Melvin 6-4
10-1 Chris Cooper 2-1
12-1 Mark norcup 3-1
20-1 Ian wassell 6-1
20-1 Ian Atherton 6-1
25-1 Ian Simpson 6-1
50-1 Andy booth 25-1

Overall panel winner (the final group of 8 all start from scratch previous group points do not carry through)

Gary owen 2-1
Josh Towey 4-1
Craig podmore 5-1
Lee Brown 8-1
Joe Willy 8-1
Paul dale 8-1
Matt hill 10-1
Joe Melvin 12-1
Mark Melvin 16-1
Lee dale 16-1
Chris Cooper 20-1
Chris kearns 20-1
Mark norcup 25-1
Ian wassell 25-1
John black 33-1
Ian Atherton 33-1
Ian Simpson 33-1
Neil Wright 50-1
Any booth 75-1
Martin davies 100-1

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