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Warwick and Worcester win an epic!

Warwick and Worcester won their 10th Senior County Championship crown but this was their closest ever win, by just one chalk! It took last man hero Phil Clinton to bring it home, beating a foot lead of his opponent Jonny Sneddon at 19-18 up to seal the win.

The first four started well for Warwick and Worcester at Moor Lane, with Gareth Herbert converting a 12-1 lead into a 21-6 win, as well as Elliot McGuinness adding a 7 card after running out from about 7 across. But Chris Brown won 15 to keep the deficit at 27. Over in South Yorkshire, the first four was shared with Paul Wildgoose the best 10 for the home side and Tom Palmer replying with an 11 card, to keep the lead to just 4 shots to South Yorkshire. Into the middle at Moor Lane and Ross Meese’s 6 win, after keeping it simple, started to swing the tie towards South Yorkshire, as well as Andrew Whitaker winning 12 and Barry Connolly coming back from 19-15 down to win 20, which reduced the home side’s lead to just 10, despite Greg Smith winning 13. At Millhouses Park and it was 2 winners apiece again, with Ant Bracken using his experience for Warwick and Worcester to win 12, and Chris Kelly the best for the home side 15, from around 15-6 down. It was now just 2 shots in favour of the home side, but 8 overall to Warwick and Worcester.

At Moor Lane and Tom Pritchard flew off winning 8 for the home side, but Barry Maskell found himself 16-11 down and Mark Booth was leading 15-2 for the visitors. Barry came back to win 19 but Mark Booth won 9 for South Yorkshire, which meant it was 13 in favour of Warwick and Worcester there after 11 games off. Over at Millhouses Park and Ryan Clark won 15 and Andrew Sorsby 16 for the home side, but Pete Dunkley won 18 for the visitors to mean it was an advantage of 10 to South Yorkshire. Richard Jackson then ran out from 20-17 down to keep South Yorkshire in it, as there was now just 2 in it with Phil Clinton 18-16 up on Jonny Sneddon. Phil then scored one which meant they had at least the draw, and had one bowl a foot or so away next end for the game. But Jonny then ran the block through to score one, and then another single the next end to make it 18-19. He lead one next end within a foot up the hill, but Phil beat it, and Jonny was unable to play it out, meaning Warwick and Worcester had won  Jonny then did run out in the next two ends to make it an one chalk win to the now 10 times champions.

Moor Lane Bowling Club, Moor Lane S & S Center, , B6 7AA Millhouses Park No1 Green, Abbeydale Road South Sheffield, S7 2QS
W Warwick & Worcester For Ag SouthYorkshire L W SouthYorkshire For Ag Warwick & Worcester L
1 Lee Kington 15 21 Chris Brown Peter Worfolk 18 21 Ross Dunkley 1
2 Ryan Prosser 21 17 Richard Atkin Matthew Bower 11 21 Tom Palmer 2
3 Gareth Herbert 21 6 Paul Bailey Andrew Turner 21 15 Adam Patrick 3
4 Elliot Mcguiness 21 7 David Poole Paul Wildgoose 21 10 Josh Hale 4
5 Neil Clarke 20 21 Barry Connolly Chris Kelly 21 15 Mitchell Harvey 5
6 Adam Kirby 6 21 Ross Meese Nick White 12 21 Anthony Bracken 6
7 Andy Saunders 12 21 Andrew Whitaker Glyn Davies 19 21 Jason Galvin 7
8 Greg Smith 21 13 Kevin Nixon Jack Clarke 21 18 Ben Harris 8
9 Tom Pritchard 21 8 Joe Westall Ryan Clark 21 15 Jack Whitehead 9
10 Barry Maskell 21 19 Dean Missere Richard Jackson 21 20 Steve Darling 10
11 Paul Hemming 9 21 Mark Booth Gary Hanson 18 21 Peter Dunkley 11
12 Phil Clinton 20 21 Jonathan Sneddon Andrew Sorsby 21 16 Carl Fielding 12
6 Aggregate +12 208 196 Aggregate –12 6 7 Aggregate +11 225 214 Aggregate –11 5
11 Points 2 (+1) 422 421 Points 0 13

Thanks to those who took the pictures below:

The away side celebrate their triumph.

The home side celebrate their success with the Crosfield Cup as presented by BCGBA President Keith Andrews.

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