Marton Institute 64

Played on Waterloo week

List of players This is not the draw

Everybody to pay £20 on the night nobody has paid I’m trusting you will all turn up

The green is not in the best of condition(I’ve seen worse) so if anybody wants to pullout do it now I’ve plenty of reserves trying to get in

Friday 21st September 6.30pm
David Watters
John crossley
Chris Kelly
Ryan Clark
GI Wilson
Billy Smythe
Mike Fleming
Roger crowther
James Grimston
Richard Goddard
Paul Wilson
Mark Holden
Simon coupe
Darren Edmondson
Andrew Wightman
Ricky Cochrane

Saturday 22nd September 6.30pm
John Gatley
Terry jepson
Martin gilpin
Ian nicholson
Tommy kitchen
Terry Wood
Paul Dale
Lee Dale
Andy Thornton
Billy Thornton
Derek Heyes
Jon palmer
Duncan reeves
Andy Fleming
Andy hamman
Joey Hibbertson

Sunday 23rd September 6.30pm
Billy speed
Mike heap
Glyn Cookson
Alex heaps
Carl Armitage
Graham hickey
David scott
Simon brown
Mick hewitson
Dave Worthington
Paul Bailey
Dan petcher
Owen jackson
John foulds
Lee Casey
Bradley chico Baylis

Monday 24th September 6.30pm
Brian Thompson
Matt Kelly Walley
Phil Kerruish
Jack Hargreaves
Stuart Mort
Lee Heaton
Dave Kelly
John Kennish
Joe Urmston
Greg Smith
Gareth Coates
Callum Wraight
Matt Gillies
Ged smedley
Mike leach
Tommy Johnstone

Final night Tuesday 25th September 6.30pm the night before Waterloo final

Bar and refreshments

Bookmaker on all nights

See you all soon