The 2018 Midland Masters take place today with some big names in the 64 strong field. Greg Smith and Callum Wraight will obviously start as favourties at Stretton, having won the last three years between them, and are in opposite halves. But Greg meets Mark Burdett of North Midlands, and Callum plays another North Midlands bowler in Ben Percival, who won the West Brom Open last year. Derbyshire should be very strong on home soil with Dan Petcher their strongest hope, and takes on Chris Gill from Staffordshire first game. Conor Chamberlain is another player who has loads of competition experience, and plays Daniel Edkins of North Midlands first round. There are plenty of experienced players in the field, with Paul Evans, Chris Ward, Gordon Hawkins, Kerry Morris, Paul Lamb and Shane Day all having played county bowls for years, Kerry also winning this in 1999. Young guns include Sam Millward, Jon Palmer, Nathan Dawes, Dan Taylor and Gary Owen will look to make their mark on the competition, as well as Jamie King who is a former Quarter Finalist in the competition.

It promises to be a great day bowling, and any one of the 64 could make a name for themselves and book a ticket to the Champion of Champions.

Updated Midland Masters Outright Odds for Sunday 16th September held at Stretton B.C, Derbyshire.
Anyone wanting a bet please get in touch with Bradley Bayliss or Jon Palmer on Facebook. Heat betting also available on request, singles only.
Jon Price (Potteries) 33/1
Tony Wall (Shropshire) 100/1
Leigh Burdett (North Midlands) 33/1
Dave Hayward (Staffordshire) 33/1
Stuart Smith (Derbyshire) 50/1
Anthony Lloyd (Potteries) 28/1
Mark Taylor (Shropshire) 40/1
Paul Evans (Staffordshire) 16/1

Mark Burdett (North Midlands) 33/1
Greg Smith (Staffordshire) 3/1
Nick Tideswell (Potteries) 28/1
Dan Taylor (Shropshire) 33/1
Tony Gill (Staffordshire) 66/1
David Ord (North Midlands) 66/1
Andy Smith (Derbyshire) 50/1
Paul Phillips (Potteries) 35/1

Jamie King (Shropshire) 25/1
Phil Clapham (Derbyshire) 66/1
Chris Ward (Stafforshire) 16/1
George Chapman (North Midlands) 50/1
Ian Atherton (Potteries) 50/1
Josh Bradburn (Shropshire) 25/1
Dan Petcher (Derbyshire) 13/2
Chris Gill (Staffordshire) 66/1

Adam Hartley (Derbyshire) 20/1
Kerry Morris (Potteries) 16/1
Clay Flattley (Shropshire) 16/1
Tyler Dewis (North Midlands) 40/1
Nathan Dawes (Staffordshire) 28/1
Andrew Jepson (Derbyshire) 80/1
Paul Lamb (North Midlands) 16/1
Jon Palmer (Shropshire) 18/1
Billy Walton (Derbyshire) 80/1
Martin Orme (Stafforshire) 66/1
Gary Owen (Potteries) 12/1
Martin Goldby (North Midlands) 66/1
Stuart Rutter (Shropshire) 22/1
Shane Day (North Midlands) 20/1
Danny Statham (Staffordshire) 100/1
Andy Booth (Potteries) 66/1

Andy Runham (Staffordshire) 80/1
Lewis Scott (Shropshire) 18/1
Daniel Edkins (North Midlands) 66/1
Conor Chamberlain (Derbyshire) 12/1
Neil Wright (Potteries) 50/1
Nigel Illif (Derbyshire) 20/1
Callum Wraight (Shropshire) 11/2
Ben Percival (North Midlands) 33/1

Gordon Hawkins (Staffordshire) 25/1
Andy Ferris (Potteries) 25/1
Dan Hartley (Derbyshire) No Show
Jon Lyttle (Shropshire) 100/1
Noel Bates (North Midlands) 50/1
Phil May (Derbyshire) 40/1
Mark Melvin (Potteries) 33/1
Jamie Webb (Staffordshire) 100/1

Sam Millward (Shropshire) 20/1
Carl Wilkins (North Midlands) 66/1
James Southern (Derbyshire) 50/1
Pete Hulse JNR (Potteries) 16/1
Mick Ledwidge (Staffordshire) 50/1
Phillip Lyttle (Shropshire) 66/1
Phil Welland (North Midlands) 80/1
Joe Williamson (Potteries) 18/1