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Arthur Land Super cup Quarter Final Results so far

The Quarter Finals of the Arthur Land Super Cup are below:

Hanwood beat Denby Grange by 56

At Denby Grange (Denby names first)
N.Gomersall 30 Ben Talbot 31
J.Makepeice 19 Colin Beaman 31
Steven Gilroy 27 Craig Wilson 31
Scott Fisher 21 Phil Lyttle 31

Hanwood +28

At Hanwood (Hanwood names first)
Darren Wellings 31 S.Thompson 16
Ash Wellings 31 Ian Shaw 19
Wayne Phillips 31 Colin Scorah 20
Glyn Wellings 21 Paul Mottram 31

Hanwood +28

Hanwood win overall by 56.

Willenhall Nordley v SJB played on Tuesday 25th September

Garswood Hall walkover against Dudley Dell

At Dudley Dell (Garswood Hall names first)
P Cookson 22 J Westwood 31
A Hayes 31 S Shaw 27
M Heap 21 C Cartwright 31
L McEgan 31 P Withey 30
Dudley Dell led by 14

Queens Park beat Cradley Sports by 35

Queens park home results
Craig Morrey 31-11 Cian Danter
Paul Morrey 31-16 Craig Skidmore
Dave Morrey 31-20 Martin Danter
Steve Morrey 31-20 Kaye Coulthard
Queens park 124-67 Cradley Sports

Cradley Sports Home results
Gavin Skidmore 31-26 Martin Hallam
Andy Haddock 13-31 Lee Wooldridge
Andy Poole 31-6 Darren Clutton
Dave Pearsall 31-21 Lee Brown
Cradley Sports 106-84 Queens park

Total scores
Queens park 208-173 Cradley Sports

Queens park win by 35 overall

Maltby v M&B Cheslyn Hay
Maltby Leg – Wednesday 26th September 6 p.m. start
M&B Cheslyn Hay Leg – M&B lead by 28

Castle Sports beat Bowring by 48
At Castle Sports (played in monsoon conditions)
A Hamman 31-27 D lloyd
M Hamman 31-23 A Gregory
M Yearsley 16-31 A Smith (conceded at 16-14)
J Cornes 31-5 J King
Castle Sports won by 23

At Bowring
I Howell 31-15
A Faulkner 31-27
P Mackie 31-13
S Curbishley 18-31
Castle Sports won by 25

Castle Sports by 48 overall

Ashton Cricket beat Atherstone Cons by 5

Ashton cricket home leg (Ashton CC names first)
N Grant 31 – 13 J Philbin
J Blezard 22 – 31 B Percival
P Leah 29 – 31 M Horton
I Bardsley 31 – 05 J Hatzer

Ashton Cricket win by 33 chalks.

Atherstone cons result. (Ashton CC names 1st)
D Knott 13 – 31 C Challen
D Hibbert 26 – 31 C Wilkins
M Sutton 21 – 31 L Dennis
G Gwilliam 31 – 26 J Badeley

Atherstone win by 28 chalks.

Ashton Cricket win overall by 5 chalks.

KGV v The George being played on Sunday 7th October

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