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Royle Finals Night Report

Results from the Royle Finals Night.

Quarter Final 
Allan Rushton 18-21 Andy Cairns
Mark Prosser 17-21 Matt Hargreaves 
Gareth Gwilliam 21-11 Tom Eccles 
Adam Higgins 21-15 Jack Hargreaves

Semi Final 
Cairns 21-15 Hargreaves 
Gwilliam 21- 8 Higgins

Cairns 16-21 Gwilliam

Although the sun didn’t shine at the Finals of the 2019 Royle Summer Classic, the quality of surface certainly did.

With so many greens suffering this season, The Royle Greenkeeper David Hanson has proven once again what a wizard he really is. The endless hours, miracle potions and dedication to his craft is amazing.

On the green Gareth Gwilliam once again proved how at home he is on the Royle surface by picking up the trophy for the third time in a final against another former winner Andy Cairns.

The final was a match of the highest quality. The standard of play was exceptional. Rossendale man Cairns flew out of the traps to take a 10-2 lead, Gwilliam hadn’t done much wrong in fact he’d done a lot right, Cairns had lay in again but Gwilliam picked up the jack to claim a pair and then lead out at 4-10. Another pair for Gwilliam at the next end signalled the start of an incredible run of ends where Gwilliam was simply unstoppable. Within in a blink of an eye the score stood at 17-10 for Gareth, in fact it looked almost as though the highest break prize of 17 (by Roger Crowther) was under threat.

Cairns rallied and stopped the rot and the next few were very close and the points pretty evenly shared.

Cairns was certainly in the game but with Gwilliam stood on 20 absolutely no margin for error.

At 15-20 Cairns who had led a fine lead and excellent second on a slight dropping mark towards the corner might have been forgiven for thinking about his next lead and another change. Gwilliam had other ideas as he changed peg and found a beautiful round peg winner. A bowl fit to win any match.

Huge thanks to all concerned, to everyone who has helped in bringing back the Royle Classic. It’s been a real team effort this year which the bowling members have really got behind and supported.

The sponsorship, the gate/raffle money all goes towards trying to make the Royle Classic a great competition.

Special mention also to the man who had the original idea of the Royle Classic. Dave ‘Muzza’ Murray would have been 60 last week. How proud he would have been!!

Dave is always missed, but especially on the Classic finals night.

Thanks everyone, see you next year.

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