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Warwick & Worcester retain Crosfield Cup

Warwick and Worcester have retained the Crosfield Cup with a 35 shot victory over Merseyside. They led from the off, taking all 4 winners in the front four away led by Steve Darling’s 11 win, while 3 winners at home meant a lead of 33 overall, despite a best win of 10 by Phil Lee there for Merseyside. Merseyside fought back though, having the next four winners at home but still trailed there by 5 after eight games off, and also now trailed by 23 away after eight. Neil Clarke was best winner at home 11 to help Warwick and Worcester win by 45 there, despite a man of the match performance by Robbie Fitzpatrick 19. Man of the Match George Curran won 7 for Merseyside to help them win by 10 at home, but it wasn’t enough.

Warwick and Worcester have won it 7 times now this decade. Can they keep that dominance up for the next decade?

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